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The law firm of Avv. Andrea Tornello makes available to its customers the long-standing and referenced professional experience of its owner and his partners.

In addition to offering advice and assistance in the field of criminal law and juvenile criminal law, with great passion and competence, the Firm deals with claims related to damages caused as a result of liability for unlawful conduct and / or contractual liability.

The Firm’s commitment is to assist its customers with meticulous attention from the out-of-court phase. The Firm, in relation to civil and criminal liability, deals, in particular,

with damages deriving from road accidents (road accidents),

private accidents,

at work injuries

within educational institutions

responsability of parents, guardians, tutors and teachers things,

in custody aggression by animals

road traps and lack of maintenance of the green

responsability of local authorities

professional responsibility

contractual responsibility.

The Law Firm, thanks to close collaborations with various and established professionals in the legal, medical, medico-legal, engineering and tax fields, offers the possibility to its assistants to receive specific and complete assistance.

We believe that, in the matter relating to compensation for damages, in order to obtain the best result (even during the amicable / out-of-court agreement), the assistance of a competent professional in this area and with proven experience in the sector is necessary.

We work with seriousness, discipline and correctness. On the occasion of the conferment of the mandate, the Client will receive in detail all information related to the management of the file, including fees due and hypothetical, the data relating to professional insurance and the processing of personal and particular data (as required by the regulation (EU ) No. 2016/679, better known by the acronym GDPR).

The Lawyer Andrea Tornello is regularly enrolled in the register of the Order of Lawyers of Ferrara.